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GeePee plain soffit boards are 9mm thick. They also have a variety of uses as cover boards and lining boards. A 300mm fluted soffit board is also available.

code description colour size pack qty
C252 605mm W 5m 1
C251 500mm W 5m 1
C249 450mm W 5m 1
C248 405mm W/J/A/E/M/C/R/Z/T/Q 5m 1
C247 330mm W 5m 2
C246 300mm W/J/A/E/M/C/R/Z/T/Q 5m 2
C253 250mm W/J 5m 2
C245 225mm W/J/M/C/R/Z/Q 5m 2
C244 200mm W/J/A/E/M/C/R/Z/T/Q 5m 2
C241 175mm W/J/M/C/R/Z/Q 5m 2
C240 150mm W/J/A/E/M/C/R/Z/T/Q 5m 2
C239 100mm W/M/C/R/Z 5m 5
C257 100mm (2 finished edges) W 5m 5
code description colour size pack qty
C013 300mm Fluted Board W 5m 2

W = White, J = Bright White, A = Anthracite, E = Grey, T = Hazy Grey
M = Mahogany, C = Light Oak, R = Rosewood, Z = Black

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