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Low Modulus Silicone conforming to BS.5889 (Type A) for cladding and fascia joints. Allows movement of up to 50% of the joint width. High quality A4 marine grade stainless steel fixings.

code description colour size pack qty
C080 30mm Trimtop Nail (Box) W 30mm Box 250
C081 40mm Trimtop Nail (Box) W/E/M/C/Z/T 40mm Box 250
C082 50mm Trimtop Nail (Box) W/Z 50mm 40mm Box 100
C083 65mm Trimtop Nail (Box) W/E/M/C/Z/T 65mm Box 100
code description colour size pack qty
C203 25mm Pins Stainless 25mm Box 250
C204 33mm Pins Stainless 33mm Box 250
C228 50mm Pins Stainless 50mm Box 100
code description colour size pack qty
C074 30mm Capped Screws (Box) W 30mm 100
C071 40mm Capped Screws (Box) W 40mm 100
C072 50mm Capped Screws (Box) W 50mm 100
C073 65mm Capped Screws (Box) W 65mm  
code description colour size pack qty
C077 Low Modulus Silicone - White (Box) W/N 300ml Tube 25
C079 General Purpose Adhesive (Box) W 310ml Tube 12

W = White,, E = Grey
M = Mahogany, C = Light Oak, Z = Black

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